GEWI 2011 Market Workshop

For nearly 15 years, TIC has been used primarily for the creation, collection, harmonization and distribution of traffic data between a wide variety of systems and devices.

Today, TIC3’s new flexible architecture means that TIC can be used for many more types of data and for many more purposes in the future.

These new markets were the topic of an intensive workshop held in Heidelberg, Germany in March 2011, which included representatives from GEWI’s Business Management, Product Development, Customer Projects, Marketing, and Sales teams.

Much of GEWI’s success has been tied to tight integration between the market and product vision and internal planning and communication between all teams.

The three day workshop was very successful and resulted in not only evaluating new markets for GEWI’s products, but also a clear process by which each requirement in the service chain is identified and the relationship between GEWI business and TIC product features can be established for new markets.

Later this year, similar meetings have been organized for the Product Development and Customer Projects teams, as well as GEWI’s company-wide business workshop in September 2011.
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