TIC for Police

More than 10 years ago, German police in Saxony-Anhalt were looking for a better solution to their manual methods for collecting and distributing traffic information.

At that time, they faced the same “Build versus Buy” decision that most organizations face each time a new system is required, such as when an existing system is made obsolete by new business requirements.

Based on the success of the software in Saxony-Anhalt, Bavaria became the next state to decide to purchase the GEWI solution. One by one, all German states came to the same conclusion that a product purchase made more sense than a custom development. By 2005, 100% of the 16 German states were using TIC.

TIC is primarily used by the police to create incident data. In addition, some German states also have a traffic control center independent from the police providing flow, incident and roadwork data. This data is then distributed to radio & TV stations, service providers, and auto clubs which then make the information available to their listeners, members, and clients.

In some cases, TIC is also used to collect information from the police Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to gather information about incidents which have an impact on traffic.

TIC’s flexibility has proven time and time again the wisdom of the choice by the German state police. Each state has the ability to independently configure the system for their specific needs, and deploy the system across as many servers as required without concern for per seat licensing costs. When communication protocols, incident and location referencing and other standards change and evolve, GEWI ensures that their systems are compliant with current technical standards.
Build Versus Buy - Making the Best Decision
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