New TIC3 Camera Features Released

Ever since GEWI integrated TrafficLand cameras into the TIC3 product (March/April 2010 newsletter) GEWI has been working to add features to make better use of the many cameras available to operators.

Whether using a TrafficLand camera or public or privately owned camera, users are able to quickly and easily add and configure new cameras into TIC.

These configurations allow for many camera characteristics to be assigned, including the viewable area of the camera (shown in image).

With the latest TIC3 release, operators now viewing a camera “tour” and noticing an incident being viewed by a camera have the ability to simply click on the camera image to generate an incident report for the
area visible by the camera.

However, with so many cameras now available to operators, there may not be enough time for an operator to view or quickly locate a camera. This problem has been solved with another new feature in TIC3 which automatically locates any camera within range of an incident when an operator begins typing a traffic incident.

TIC3’s data validation features also alerts operators to unusual conditions, such as cameras not working.

Users also have many other options available including the ability to link and distribute traffic camera images with events, play historical images, create favorite camera sets and much more.

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