Sygic Selects GEWI for Traffic in Singapore and Indonesia

Sygic, a leading developer of turn-by-turn GPS navigation software for mobile devices, has agreed to purchase GEWI’s traffic and travel data to be used in association with their navigation software products in Singapore and Indonesia. The rapidly increasing number of vehicles and resulting traffic and travel events has created high demand for reliable traffic information.

Commuters can download the Sygic software through various App Stores and have instant access to the latest traffic information for Singapore and Indonesia.

The traffic and travel information is provided to Sygic by GEWI’s MIB Information Service, a real-time traffic service, which is already used by nearly 10,000 drivers and is accessible on more than 500,000 smart phones in the region.

Data is created using the GEWI’s TIC product and distributed in RDS-TMC format using GEWI’s TMC location tables for Singapore and Indonesia.

Sygic Software is delivered worldwide in more than 30 languages. In 2010, Sygic was acknowledged as the 4th fastest growing IT Company in Central and Eastern Europe by Deloitte, based on business results from previous five years.

Founded in 1992, GEWI has offices in Germany, Singapore, USA and UK and is recognized as a global leader in transportation software and hardware products.
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