GEWI 2012 Market Workshop in Farnbough, England

Regular product and market reviews are another reason that TIC has been a leader in processing traffic related data since 1997.

GEWI’s marketing & sales team, along with leaders from the product development and customer projects teams met in Farnborough, England to discuss, analyze and plan growth in the TIC Traffic News for Radio market.

TIC has already been used as a solution for this market for many years, but new TIC features along with new customer requirements have provided an opportunity for TIC’s usage to be extended in this market.

The setting for the meeting was at the Farnborough Airport, where British aviation was born in 1908. This location also provided an opportunity for GEWI staff to learn about the advancements in aviation technology, and provide a creative brainstorming environment to allow new ways of thinking about markets, technologies and products, which could ultimately provide benefits to the TIC product and our customers.

Later this year, similar meetings have been organized for the Product Development and Customer Projects teams, as well as GEWI’s company-wide business workshop and 20th anniversary celebration in September 2012.
GEWI at NAB 2012
GEWI at Asia Pacific Forum