GEWI Welcomes Era2 as Authorized Partner

Era2 Productions, a private Canadian Corporation specializing in design and development of digital age solutions for the Global Transportation Industry, is lead by Executive Director Willem Galle and Managing Director William Tapscott. GEWI’s TIC software platform for processing traffic data will be used by Era2 as they design transportation solutions for the Canadian Public Sector market.

Era2 is a multi-disciplinary company providing both practical solutions i.e. Project Design and Management as well as strategic advisory services in Business Planning, Capital Financings, Merger and Acquisitions and Government Relations.

Prior to Era2, Galle was the COO of Descartes Systems Group, a global software provider to logistics and Tapscott, the Managing Director of Maptuit (now Telogis), a leading NA provider of optimization software for Transportation. Both Galle and Tapscott were co-founders of Intellione (now Urban Informatics) in Canada.

Era2 Executive Director Bill Tapscott commented “Era2 has sought out best-in-class COTS software products and services companies, to deliver superior solutions to clients in logistics, traffic operations management, and traveler information services, and GEWI’s TIC product meets all of our requirements, out of the box, for this market”.

GEWI’s CEO Hagen Geppert commented “GEWI is selectively expanding our Authorized Partner Network globally to add companies that meet our standards of quality and technical expertise, and Era2 meets this criteria and we welcome them as a GEWI Authorized Partner”.

The TIC product is commercial off-the-shelf software platform for information services, as proven in over 125 commercial and government projects operating worldwide since 1997. TIC is a cost-effective, robust, and scalable alternative compared to build-your-own systems. TIC is available from GEWI in Europe, North America, and Asia, and from partners worldwide.
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