GEWI Participates in MDM User Conference for German Data Exchange

MDM, the German Mobility Data Marketplace, held their first ever user conference in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany November 14-15, 2012. The goal of MDM is to make it easier for public and private organizations to access the growing number of traffic data created by cities, Federal DOT’s, traffic management centers, and other government and private organizations.

During the conference GEWI exhibited TIC Product and services and also provide a presentation entitled “Added Value Services for the MDM”.

The MDM platform provides the ability to share a wide range of real-time traffic data including:, sensor, flow, work zone information, incident information using the DATEX II data format and communication protocol. The MDM web portal allows users to view what type of data is available and search for specific data feeds for a particular coverage area of Germany.

The concept for the marketplace began in 2007, in 2011 MDM started as a test service and became operational in 2012 as a pilot program which will continue until the end of 2013.

GEWI will feed the incident data from all the German State Police into the MDM marketplace. GEWI also offers a cloud based data service to data providers and data consumers to make all data compatible with the MDM data interface. This ensures that any organization, regardless of data format or technical capabilities can deposit or access data from the MDM marketplace.

If you need assistance in data conversion or DATEX2, contact For more information about the MDM marketplace contact
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