TIC Generates Graphical Images for VMS Signs

The new generation of roadside VMS (Variable Message Signs) can display graphical color images to vehicle drivers. TIC automatically creates graphical images which can contain a simplified road map, text, and icons based on up-to-date traffic information on the roads ahead.

Graphic based traffic information is usually simpler and easier for drivers to understand, helping them to quickly decide which routes to use or avoid. TIC generates simple stylized images showing the road network and the image can be updated every few minutes based on the latest traffic data.
TIC not only distributes the dynamically generated images to VMS signs, but also to smart phones and public or transport agency websites. Traffic control centers can control the information shown and the distribution of the generated images.

Roads can be colored to represent traffic flow conditions, for example green for free flowing traffic and red for slow moving vehicles. The rules which specify road colors can be easily configured and changed for each individual VMS location. For more information, contact info@gewi.com.
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