GEWI TIC Software Connects Traffic and Navigation

Drivers want to get the best from their navigation devices, and having accurate traffic information is becoming an increasingly important, especially when needing to know the precise location of the traffic and travel event.

A popular method of location referencing is by using location codes from certified TMC location tables. These tables have been created for many countries and TIC is compatible with all of the over 200 of the latest tables worldwide.

Not all navigation systems use the latest available TMC tables and TIC can even support older TMC location tables when required. TIC supports over 1,200 historical and current versions in total.

TMC location tables are used by GEWI customers who operate RDS-TMC services, TPEG services, create traffic and travel information, or performance tests with TIC NavTest.

TIC can simultaneously use multiple location reference methods in addition to TMC locations, such as navigable digital maps found in all navigation systems, and supports Precise Location Referencing which provides an additional distance from a location code.

In order to ensure that TMC location tables can be safely integrated navigation systems and used in TIC software, they are certified by TISA, the Traveler Information Services Association originally founded in 2001 as the TMC Forum.
GEWI’s Thomas Rothe joined the TISA TMC Location Table Release Team at the very beginning and since April 2008 has served as Chair. The team is responsible for analyzing the TMC tables and certifies their implementation quality.

Founded in 1992, GEWI develops TIC, a commercial off-the-shelf software platform for information services, used by many types of commercial and public organizations including government agencies, police, DOT’s, RDS-TMC and TPEG service providers, automobile clubs, road operators, radio stations, and car and navigation device manufacturers.

TIC Connects systems, vehicles and travelers, and since 1997 TIC is proven in commercial and government projects operating worldwide as a cost-effective, scalable alternative compared to build-your-own systems. TIC is available from GEWI in Europe, North America, and Asia, and from partners globally.
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