GEWI introduces TIC3 Real-Time Statistics tool

GEWI has introduced a new Real-Time Statistics (RTS) tool for the third version of its Traffic Information Center (TIC3) software system, which is available for traffic operators, highways agencies or individual teams looking to measure the performance of roadways.

Real-time statistics can be used to analyze any data stored on TIC and to provide a visual overview of the results. Simple line graphs and bar charts can be created in real-time, such as in the dashboard view, which can be used to compare current and historical performance. Some predefined performance measures for traffic and travel event data include: length of stopped traffic; number of operator tasks; number of events by road class; number of events by event category; number of events by urgency; and number of events from other sources. The statistics can also be scheduled to be exported at specific times, such as at the end of each day or week and these can be automatically distributed by email.

If more detailed analysis or a different presentation format is required, the same statistical data can be exported in XML or CSV format and then imported into third-party analytical tools or spread sheet applications. TIC Real-Time Statistics can markedly improve operators’ and managers’ abilities to achieve a better understanding of trends, patterns and conditions and corresponding workloads on operators. Analysis of these statistics enables a better deployment of resources to manage road networks and human resources. “Performance is a concern, whether in the context of systems, people or products, in both the public and private sector,” suggested Nils Richter, the GEWI developer responsible for the new TIC product feature. “From the wise old business saying, ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’, the new TIC Real-Time Statistics product feature now provides those important measurements needed for performance indicators.”

Published in Traffic Technology

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