TIC Connects: Traffic and Multiple Languages

TIC, the globally popular software platform from GEWI is in its fourth generation since 1997, and continues to remain focused on one of its early requirements: Interoperability.

For GEWI, Interoperability means the ability for TIC to be used by a customer anywhere in the world regardless of language, location referencing standards, incident description methodology, or map network provider.

GEWI first solved the problem of creating, collecting and distributing traffic data in multiple languages more than a decade ago based on a customer request exchange data between 22 countries in multiple languages.

TIC3 is the latest generation of the TIC product, which consists of the TIC software and TIC Digital Map Data. TIC allows for language to be customized for both the User Interface and Traffic Phrases. Map data collected by TIC is available in multiple languages as provided by the primary source data owner.

The TIC user interface can present commands, menus, tooltips, status information (and more) in multiple languages. Additionally, description test for traffic and travel information such as location, event, duration and detour descriptions are also available in multiple languages.

TIC’s text generation rules also allow customers to format the output specific to the local preferred methods for traffic phrases.

In addition to existing languages of English, German, French, Italian, Danish and Russian, GEWI has recently added Turkish to the TIC language library. Arabic will be the next language added to TIC. This means today TIC can create and exchange traffic data in seven different languages. TIC can even be configured to present the UI to the User in one language, and seamlessly distribute the result data in another. Additional languages can be added, as needed, based on customer requirements.

This flexible language feature allows TIC to Connect Systems, Vehicles and Travelers in multiple languages. GEWI customers also appreciate that as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software product, TIC is a cost-effective, robust, and easily scalable alternative when compared to build-your-own systems.

TIC has been used in live traffic information systems since 1997 by many types of organizations including; government agencies, police, DOT’s, commercial RDS-TMC and TPEG service providers, automobile clubs, road operators, radio stations and car and device navigation manufacturers.

TIC is available from GEWI offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, and from partners globally. For more information visit www.gewi.com.
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