GEWI Announces 2015 Traffic Technologies Tour

GEWI will be holding its next TTT in North America in September 2015. The primary topics will be Road Incident Management, improving harmonized data exchange between different systems, integrated emergency response and VMS2DASH. Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to request additions to the agenda based on their areas of interest.

GEWI’s TTT provides a unique opportunity for public/private sector information exchange and is an important factor in GEWI’s product development plan to ensure the TIC product continues to meet customer global customer requirements.

A similar TTT was held in 2010 which provided an opportunity to compare USA and Canadian local, state and Federal requirements and discuss trends and developments GEWI has observed with its customers worldwide.

If you would like to participate in the 2015 Traffic Technologies Tour for North America, or if you have a request for items related to the agenda, please contact
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