GEWI TIC software used for traffic solution in Saudi Arabia

Drivers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia can now benefit from a new mobile application powered with traffic information processed by GEWI’s TIC software.

The app “Delilat Arriyadh” will enable the travelling public to make informed decisions, reduce delays and reach their destinations as quickly and safely as possible. The use of this app is expected to reduce the impact of Riyadh Metro related road construction and road works during the 5-year period of the project and beyond.

The app is provided by the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) in Saudi Arabia and is one of the initiatives supporting King Abdulaziz Project for Public Transport in Riyadh.

Traffic operators enter work zone information manually into TIC and then TIC creates OpenLR Locations and feeds the data into the Mireo application server and from there it is published to mobile applications.

Project partner TomTom creates the real-time traffic information that is displayed on the smartphone app and used for dynamic rerouting. TomTom also archives the traffic information, providing ADA with Traffic Stats, a web-based tool for querying and analyzing traffic information.

The applications provide full coverage of the Riyadh road network with over 50,000 POI’s and live traffic updated every few minutes. The map also includes colored traffic flow, display of road closures and other related road incidents and Arabic and English voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation with clear spoken instructions, automatic rerouting when missing a turn and much more.

The project was delivered by THTC, a reliable and long-standing partner of GEWI. THTC delivers TIC solutions to customers in the middle east, with offices in KSA and UAE.

Published in Thinking Highways
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