New TIC3 Video Available for GEWI Customers

Because visualization and precise reference of traffic and travel events is critical to Traffic Operations Centers, GEWI has recently made several improvements to the latest version of the TIC release for Q1/2015.

To better explain these enhancements to the customer, GEWI has released a new video intended to be used for customer operator training.

The video describes the enhanced features of the TIC Smart Client Map window, which now offers easier and more precise methods to create a location reference for traffic and travel events along with a number of new map window functions.

Some of the new features include a more detailed location preview when hovering the mouse, intelligent map scrolling, detailed POI tooltips, quick area selection, easy location extent modification, dynamic incident extent preview, enhanced waypoint features, fast entry by complete road segment or ramp, several new context-sensitive commands and improved visualization of map locations.

These continuous improvements are made possible thanks to GEWI created map data engine which creates the TIC Digital Map data from a variety of map data provided in GDF format. GEWI created its own map data engine to be able to more quickly respond to customer requests, and not be reliant on a third party for the very critical map related feature of the TIC Smart Client.

Customers may contact their GEWI customer project representative for access to this new video. Or, for a demonstration of the new TIC features, contact
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