GEWI Improves Customer Feedback with Project and Web Viewer Features

The Project feature of the TIC3 Software is proving to have benefits far beyond the original implementation for Road Incident Management and Traffic and Travel Information. GEWI developers have enabled the TIC Project feature to also be used with the Customer Feedback which is already a feature of TIC3.
Now, when a Customer sends feedback to GEWI, such as for a product change request, a Project is automatically created and sent to the relevant customer project manager for analysis and resolution.

Furthermore, the new Web Viewer feature of TIC allows customer to view the status of the user feedback request using any web browser with no need for an installation of the TIC software.

Customer user feedback has been an important part of the TIC Software development process since the software was first released in 1997. Over the years thousands of suggestions from TIC users have resulted in important feature changes which have ensure that the TIC Software remains at the leading edge of software for the transportation market. The integration of the Project and Web Viewer features will serve to shorten the time from user request to implementation of the best ideas of GEWI customers worldwide.
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