GEWI Promotes Matthias Defée to Executive Director

Global traffic software leader GEWI Europe announces the elevation of Matthias Defée to the position of Executive Director. Defée joined GEWI as Product Manager in 2002 and over the years has advanced through the positions of Business Development Manager and since 2008, Director of Customer Projects, Worldwide.

With both a degree in Computer Science and MBA, Defée has the background, skills and experience to understand both the technical and business requirements involved in the increasingly complex traffic market.

Over the years, Defée has managed many high profile projects including Viasuisse (Switzerland), Dubai Road Transport Authority (UAE) and recently many Work Zone projects such as in Hesse and North Rhine Westphalia (Germany). He is also responsible in dealing with the strategy and implementation of GEWI’s hosted (cloud) solutions.

“Matthias has been an important part of both the TIC Product and GEWI as a company over the last 15 years” said Hagen Geppert, GEWI founder. “As GEWI celebrates our 25th year in business, his experience, leadership and understanding of the traffic market will be key to GEWI’s continued growth in the future”.

GEWI is the developer of the TIC product, a commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) platform used for information services. TIC provides solutions for government agencies, commercial service providers, radio stations, car and navigation manufacturers and automobile clubs. Founded in 1992, GEWI has become a global company with corporations in Europe, North America, and Asia.
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