TIC Traffic Flow Feature Benefits Work Zone Planning and Operations

EODTTE‚ÄčThe accuracy of traffic flow data has increased significantly over the past years, as more location data is available through phones, applications, and even the vehicles themselves.

Traffic flow information is an extremely useful tool for traffic center operators to verify the impact of an event of an incident.

GEWI’s TIC Software will display the flow information along the affected route as well as along possible diversion routes to enable the operator to provide the best advice to motorists.

Accurate traffic flow information also provides a safety benefit, reducing crashing by alerting drivers to the extent of a traffic jam.

The TIC Software can also improve response time by automatically create traffic events, detecting incidents based on traffic flow information.

For work zones, historical traffic flow information is used in the planning phase. Once the work zone is operational, real-time traffic flow information can be used to detect the location of the work zone and if the work zone is active.

Because GEWI’s TIC Software is used worldwide, it has been designed to be used off-the-shelf with the major providers of flow data including Google, HERE, INRIX and TomTom. The flexible architecture of TIC also enables for the use of local speed providers such as ADAC, or any other system providing data in a structured format.

For more information on how traffic flow can be used to improve the quality of traffic and travel information visit www.gewi.com

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