GEWI Adds New Templates for Analytics Feature

Analytics Image - WWDGEWI has continued to improve the TIC Analytics feature since it was released in 2016. TIC Analytics can be used to analyze a number of statistics, calculated using operational data in the TIC system.

Customers can gain insight into traffic patterns and recurrent issues on the roadways, and better manage operational performance of both people and systems. One example would be displaying on a map the number of traffic and travel events per roadway or segment.

Another example would be number of wrong way drivers per road segment.

This data can be alanyzed to provide reports based on configureable parameters, such as time of day, day of week, and more.

Most data available in a TIC system is available for use in TIC Analytics. Statistics can be computed and viewed using the TIC Smart Client. Customers can also distribute the computed statistics, and even the actual operational data, to a third-party tool for further analysis and viewing. Data can be automatically distributed on a schedule to create daily, weekly, monthly reports, or distributed manually at any time. GEWI has created a number of templates for different object types to generate statistics such as traffic events by day, road number, severity, event code type.

Analytics may also be calculated in order to measure operationalperformce, such as the number of incidents created by a team or by a single operator. Customers using TIC for Traffic News can analyze editor processing time for news reports, on air processing times and the number of changed news stories. Both of these options are highly useful when determining operator schedules for normal days vs. expected high traffic days such as prior to a holiday weekend.

If not available already, additional templates can be defined and created to report on most data available in the TIC system. For more information about TIC Analytics, contact
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