GEWI TIC Software Adds Common Alert Protocol (CAP) for Emergency Notification

GEWI was founded in 1992 on for the purpose of distributing traffic and travel information. From the earliest days of the TIC Software (known then as TMC Office), GEWI software was designed to distribute traffic data to navigation devices. First in RDS-TMC format, and as technology advanced, also in TPEG format.

Over the years dozens of product features have been added which can be combined to create a wide range of affordable off-the-shelf solutions for public and private organizations. GEWI’s most recent addition to the TIC Software is the Disaster Warning Product feature which can collect warnings in the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) format.

CAP allows a warning message to be consistently disseminated simultaneously over a wide range of warning systems. CAP increases warning effectiveness and simplifies the task of activating a warning for responsible officials. The CAP data structure is backward-compatible with existing alert formats as well with new technology such as the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). As a TISA member, GEWI supports the development of the new TPEG application, Emergency Alert Warnings (EAW), which will be used to distribute the warnings and alerts.

TIC enables users to manually create information about disasters and distribute in CAP format information including:

  • Location of the disaster / emergency.
  • Details about what occurred.
  • Advice for area residents.
  • What areas are affected.
  • Who should be informed in the area.
  • Who should evacuate (evacuation zone).
  • Traffic restrictions in the area, closures, detours, etc.
  • Level of urgency.

TIC will now be able to collect Disaster Warnings in CAP format from multiple sources and distribute in CAP format. When using TIC to create Disaster Warning information, coded information about the road restrictions caused by the disaster and can be distributed to feed navigation systems today, and used by automated vehicles in the future.

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