GEWI and Elektrobit to Conduct Automated Driving Demo at ITS World Congress

ITS Singapore19Much of the focus in the development of Automated Driving (AD) has been on the primary vehicle sensors, the market is realizing there are major safety benefits in providing accurate, lane level ‘near horizon’ data such as work-zones and hazards.

This allows the vehicle systems to process this externally provided data and enable it to both change the parameters of the guidance systems and potentially advise the operator of the vehicle to take back control.

GEWI and Elektrobit will be demonstrating this ‘first’ interfacing of real-time traffic data created by GEWI’s TIC for Work Zone, at ITS World Congress.

The demo shows that AD relevant traffic event messages can be processed using ADASIS, an open standard being developed to integrate dynamic map data and in-vehicle ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

The simulated data is processed and displayed by Elektrobit using their simulator software (Electronic Horizon Reconstructor). The demonstration will also show additional scenarios for how dynamic traffic data can be applied in context with mixed AD & conventional vehicles situations, e.g. opening/closing lanes for AD traffic or alerting drivers before handover of the driving task, using a dynamic traffic simulation environment.

Both GEWI and Elektrobit are active members of TISA, who is currently working towards a new TPEG traffic data transmission protocol tailored to AD vehicle requirements.

GEWI will also be exhibiting with two stands in the hall, #375 and #73 where delegates can learn about the many off-the-shelf solutions available with the TIC Software product.

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