GEWI began as a respected specialist designer and prototype developer of programmable hardware for global television manufacturers. Customers included Sony and Grundig.

In 1993, GEWI produced one of the world’s first RDS-TMC FM receivers for collecting traffic data and then displaying the digitized information on televisions located in airports. However, there was a lack of quality traffic data available. GEWI used the opportunity within the project to develop the first generation of its TIC product to collect, view, create, store, and distribute traffic information: TIC was born.

Today, GEWI has launched its fourth generation of the TIC product.
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A Brief History of GEWI

1992 Company founded by Mr. Hagen Geppert and Mr. Karl Will as “GEWI Hard- und Software Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH”, registered in Germany. Main purpose is offering engineering services.
1993 Holger Kuske, first employee, still with GEWI.
1993 First product: FM Radio receiver for computers for decoding RDS-TMC data.
1995 Development of a software for processing traffic data started as a product called “TMC Office”.
1996 First TIC customer project in Germany.
1996 First TIC customer project in The Netherlands.
1996 GEWI has 5 employees.
1997 GEWI has 7 employees.
First TIC for Traffic News customer.
1998 ISO 9001 certified.
1999 Development of the second generation started, product name changed to TIC “Traffic Information Centre”.
1999 TIC is used by German police.
2000 Office moved to Bernburg (Germany).
2000 GEWI has 14 employees.
2001 Development of the third product generation called TIC2 started.
2001 TIC2 used for exchanging traffic event data in Europe, between 22 countries in 7 languages.
2003 TIC2 is used for a commercial service.
2004 First customer project in the USA.
2006 First national DOT customer project.
2007 First customer project for US DOT 511 service.
2008 Development of the fourth TIC generation called TIC3 started.
2008 First employee and office in Singapore.
2008 USA expansion with first employee and office.
2008 GEWI’s RDS-TMC service in Singapore launched.
2008 First customer project in China.
2009 First customer project where TIC is not used for traffic.
2009 First customer projects based on TIC3.
2009 “GEWI Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.” founded , registered in Singapore.
2009 “GEWI North America, LLC” founded.
2010 “GEWI Hard- und Software Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH” changed into “GEWI Europe GmbH & Co. KG”.
2011 TIC for iPad, Mobile Traffic Data Entry
2012 GEWI celebrates 20th year in business and 15th year of TIC product.
2013 First project in the Work Zone market.
2014 First commercial TPEG service.
2015 First customer in Russia.
First customer in Road Incident Management market.
2016 New product feature TIC Analytics.
2017 ​GEWI celebrates 25th year in business and 20th year of TIC product.
2017 Opened a second office in Germany (Leipzig).​
2017 First customers to use TIC for 20 years.
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