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GEWI Makes News With Connected Vehicle Demo

Matthias Defee, GEWI’s Director of Customer Projects-Worldwide, was interviewed by FOX News about the GEWI Local Hazard Warning demonstration designed to deliver alerts directly into the vehicle about hazards on the road ahead, resulting in increased safety.

To view the FOX News report which also features other demonstrations at the ITS World Congress in Orlando, visit: /[/base-url]videos/gewi-itswc-tv-coverage.

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GEWI Exhibited at ITS World Congress

GEWI recently completed a very successful exhibition at ITS World Congress in Orlando, including a demonstration of Connected Vehicle technology in the Technology Showcase.

To view a video summary of the conference, visit: /[/base-url]videos/its-wc-2011-orlando/.

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GEWI Customer Project Workshop 2011

Continuous improvement in the TIC product and customer service is GEWI’s constant goal.

Earlier this year both the Marketing & Sales teams and Product Development teams held their own workshops to improve processes in their respective areas.

In June, it was GEWI’s Customer Projects team who met at the ProArte Hotel in Berlin for two days of meetings focused on improving GEWI Customer Projects processes and the experience for GEWI customers.

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GEWI Exhibited and Presented at ITS Canada

Vancouver, BC was the location for the 2011 ACGM, Annual Conference & General Meeting for ITS Canada, June 12-15th at the Fairmont Hotel. GEWI both exhibited TIC3, and presented a paper at the conference.

GEWI’s presesntation detailed how connected vehicles can improve road safety by alerting drivers of Local Hazard Warnings (LHW). This is done using the TEC application within TPEG, used by the next generation of navigation devices.

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GEWI Attended Performance Measures Workshop

In challenging economic times, everyone is trying to do more with less, and measuring performance is one way public and private sector companies can increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Many states already have implemented various means of measuring performance, but what was made clear at the TRB Workshop held May 17-20th at the Beckman Center in Newport Beach, is that national standards and direction are needed.

One thing is clear: Performance Measures require collection and harmonization of many types of data, which is what TIC3 is all about.

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GEWI 2011 Market Workshop

For nearly 15 years, TIC has been used primarily for the creation, collection, harmonization and distribution of traffic data between a wide variety of systems and devices.

Today, TIC3’s new flexible architecture means that TIC can be used for many more types of data and for many more purposes in the future.

These new markets were the topic of an intensive workshop held in Heidelberg, Germany in March 2011, which included representatives from GEWI’s Business Management, Product Development, Customer Projects, Marketing, and Sales teams.

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GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour Webinar

On January 28th, in association with ITS America, GEWI held a webinar which presented a summary of the discussion of topics from the Traffic Technologies Tour held in November.

Tour topics included data harmonization, location referencing, connected vehicles (V2I, I2V), data exchange between systems, and delivering real time data to the next generation of navigation devices.

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GEWI Professional Development – Advanced Developers Conference

GEWI places a high value on continuing education and professional development to ensure that both the TIC product and our clients benefit from the very latest available technologies.

As part of this effort, GEWI developers Alexander Fust and Sven Wiesenmuller attended Microsoft’s Advanced Developers Conference held in Bonn, Germany.

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GEWI Traffic Technologies Tour – North America

GEWI would like to thank everyone involved in hosting and attending our first ever North American Traffic Technologies Tour. Topics included technologies that are used around the world for location referencing and harmonization, data exchange between systems, next generation of real-time data for traffic navigation, and data exchange for connected vehicles/infrastructure projects. We had many requests from locations and attendees we were unable to honor, so please look for a follow-up webinar to be held in January 2011. If you’d like to receive notification of this event, register for the GEWI newsletter at

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GEWI Global Business & Product Workshop

GEWI’s 2010 global business and product workshop was held in September in Germany on the shores of Lake Tegernsee, about an hour south of Munich in Bavaria.

Teams from Product Development, Customer Projects and Sales and Marketing engaged in a week of intense review of product requirements, features, and process improvements.

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