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GEWI and iCone Products Partner to Improve Safety with Real-Time Work Zone Information

GEWI and iCone Products are partnering to help travelers avoid and safely navigate road work projects by providing accurate and real-time travel information, which can be delivered directly to navigation devices through apps and in-car navigation systems.​

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GEWI Work Zone User Group Focuses on Automated Driving

In January 2020 GEWI hosted it’s seventh Work Zone user group since 2016. The group met in Wolfsburg, Germany which is the home to Volkswagen’s headquarters and the world’s largest automotive plant, and included representatives from several road agencies as well as Volkswagen. The focus of this meeting was to analyze the impact of automated driving (AD) on Work Zones.​

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GEWI Joins European Delegation to Silicon Valley and CES

GEWI North America CEO Jim O’Neill joined an ERTICO delegation with participants from the UK, Belgium, Denmark and Portugal to exchange information on the latest technology being developed, tested and implemented by public and private organizations in Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), Smart Work Zones, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Smart Cities.

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GEWI and Elektrobit to Conduct Automated Driving Demo at ITS World Congress

GEWI and Elektrobit will be demonstrating this ‘first’ interfacing of real-time traffic data created by GEWI’s TIC for Work Zone, at ITS World Congress.

The demo shows that AD relevant traffic event messages can be processed using ADASIS, an open standard being developed to integrate dynamic map data and in-vehicle ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).​

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Meet GEWI at TAC-ITS Canada Combined Conference

The latest TIC Software features will be on display in Halifax, Canada 22-25 September at ITS Canada/TAC-ITS combined conference, the largest conference of its kind in Canada.​

GEWI’s Jim O’Neill will be presenting on how Smart Work Zones increase safety and reduce traffic impact. The presentation is based on a very successful Smart Work Zone deployment in Germany​.

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Automobile Club of Luxembourg (ACL) Upgrades to TIC3

The Automobile Club of Luxembourg (ACL) has been a GEWI customer since 2005, using the TIC Software to manage traffic information for their automobile club. TIC enables ACL to enter traffic incidents and road work for distribution to several Radio Stations in Luxemburg as well as other vendors, their website and RSS feeds.

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GEWI Announces WZDaaS for USDOT Work Zone Data Initiative

The USDOT Work Zone Data Initiative (WZDI) has established a data format to enable the exchange of Work Zone data in a standard protocol to provide many benefits for Work Zone safety and planning, avoiding conflicts with other agencies and jurisdictions. To make the adoption of this format easy, GEWI has announced a new hosted Work Zone Data as a Service (WZDaaS) solution which allows agencies to use their existing systems, and be compliant with the new standard.

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Police, Radio, Roads and Cities attend GEWI User Group Workshop

​User Groups have been an important element in GEWI’s Product Development process for the TIC Software product. Since the first version was released in 1997, TIC has evolved to be used by many different types of organizations. Until now, user groups had been held according to customer type, but for this most recent workshop GEWI invited 33 customers from 27 organizations representing four different customer types.

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GEWI to Demonstrate Smart Work Zone at ITS America 2019

GEWI has been at the forefront of Smart Work Zone efforts with a first public conceptual demonstration with BMW at ITS World Congress in Orlando, Florida in 2011. The first European implementation of this Smart Work Zone technology was done in 2018.
Today, this technology is available as a low-cost off-the-shelf solution, and GEWI and iCone are demonstrating this technology ITS America in Washington D.C. 04-07 June, 2019.

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GEWI at Automotive Tech.AD Conference​

The arrival of automated driving is creating challenges for every organization which deals with roads and automobiles, and this includes GEWI as well as the GEWI customers worldwide.

There has been a significant increase in requests from GEWI customers involving data which will be used by automated driving, particularly in providing real-time, highly accurate Work Zone data. ​

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