TIC for Radio Data

Improve listener experience with information about radio programs.

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Solution for radio station programmers
​Radio stations can improve the listener experience by providing information which can be shown on displays built into radio receivers.

The information is known as program associated data (PAD), where PAD can include the station and program names, song title, artist, album, cover image, and useful program schedules known as Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

Radio stations can collect, create, and adjust PAD information consistently across regionalized broadcast media types, including FM RDS, digital radio including DAB and HD, satellite radio such as XM, and Internet radio streams.

Import and reuse existing data
During system implementation, TIC can import existing data, helping to save time by reusing data and avoiding to manually re-create data.

Easily share and exchange information
Data can be shared and exchanged with other systems, for example using the documented TIC XML format, or converted for use with other standard and custom formats.

Work everywhere
TIC can be conveniently used everywhere, such as operations center computers, at remote locations using an internet browser, and even while mobile on the road.​
Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product
TIC is a COTS product which provides higher reliability at lower total cost and risk over several years when compared to build-your-own solutions or clones (one-time copies of other systems).

A TIC system is implemented simply by configuring the TIC product to meet a customer's requirements.

Solutions for real customer needs
GEWI solutions are based on customer requests received worldwide across a wide variety of organizations.

Each request is analyzed and processed, and could lead to a change in the TIC product, system configuration, services provided, or sales agreements.

Customers systems can include the standard TIC user feedback feature used to create accurate and detailed requests, for example automatic screenshots ready to be analyzed.

GEWI Website 2016 Page Solution TIC for Radio Data Photo