Whether you are looking to launch or upgrade a 511 system, plan work zones, synchronize data for speed and flow, generate traffic simulations, alerts or other data management tasks, GEWI has a solution for you.
SW FLA511 - Powered By GEWI
Southwest Florida 511 uses GEWI to collect travel time data, manually create event data and distrbute travel time and traffic event data to both the 511 IVR system and web site.
TIC can also provide virtual 24/7 operations by automatically creating event data from traffic flow data. To discuss your requirements, visit booth #1025 at ITS World Congress.
Enter Traffic Data via PDA
PDA's can now be used as a data entry device with the TIC traffic information and management systems. PDA data entry provides real time updates of work zones, incident, and road conditions by contractors, law enforcement, safety and courtesy patrols.
PDA's could also be used by commuters as a first alert system into traffic management centers. For more information, visit GEWI in booth #1025 at ITS World Congress or contact to discuss your requirements.
Traffic Simulation
TIC from GEWI can be used to check multiple scenarios and recommend the best alternative based on current real-time conditions.
TIC's new architecture is a breakthrough in data processing offering unprecedented flexibility and functionality as required for traffic and travel information and management. As a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, TIC is a proven, highly scalable solution used in over 100 projects operating worldwide. TIC can be deployed faster, more affordably, and with less risk than build-your-own solutions.
TIC is offered with flexible pricing models, worldwide support, in several languages, and will also be made available locally through GEWI Authorized Partners.
GEWI ITS World Congress
We'd like to invite you to visit us at ITS World Congress, booth #1025, and see why TIC from GEWI is the software of choice for over 100 transportation related projects worldwide.
With the new TIC 3 from GEWI, the only your imagination.
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Nov 2008
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SW Florida 511
Traffic Entry via PDA
Traffic Simulation
GEWI ITS World Congress
Traffic Flow & Prediction
Traffic Flow & Prediction
TIC provides ready-to-use functions through a consistent platform of common features.
One main feature can automatically evaluate and create missing data based on standard, custom, or proprietary algorithms, such as spatial and time completion, and short-term traffic flow forecasts.
TIC is a proven, highly scalable, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, which can be deployed faster, more affordably, and with less risk than build-your-own solutions, as required for use in on-line production systems and off-line research projects.
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