In this edition, we'd like to talk a little about the importance of flexibility. Being flexible is something GEWI believes is key in so many areas of business, especially now, when everyone is trying to do more with less.
At the same time, we're proud of the many new capabilities of TIC3, the latest generation of GEWI's popular software platform. As existing TIC users already know, GEWI's open development philosophy allows you to continually do more with the same tool as additional features continue to be added to enhance the productivity, efficiency and usability of the TIC software platform.
This continual improvement of the TIC software is provided at no additional cost to users as part of the GEWI maintenance agreement. All users benefit from enhancements created from lessons learned from over 100 projects worldwide, and 12 years of TIC development.
We hope you enjoy this issue, and invite you to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.
TIC 3 - Exciting New Capabilities On Display at ITS America, June 1st-3rd
The latest generation of the highly acclaimed TIC software platform will be on display at ITS America in GEWI booth ?.
The new TIC3 architecture makes it extremely easy to add new data types quickly. These data types are then immediately available to the six main features of the TIC Platform: Create, Collect, View, Store, Monitor and Distribute.
As a result, TIC3 can now work with any data type or file type including images, speed flow data, GPS data, CAD dispatch data, transit data, weather data and much more.
With TIC3's flexibility, the only your imagination!
TIC for Traffic Data Capture on PDA's
Create up-to-date and accurate data
TIC on PDA's can be used by commuters, patrols, law enforcement, contractors and DOT employees to create, send and receive data.
TIC can be used on the road and directly at the scene to provide the most accuate real-time information. GPS data from the PDA can be used to accurately reference locations to a road network.
Fast and easy data entry
TIC can be quicly used on PDA's to create travel data using just a few button clicks to select the event.
Locations can be automatically referenced to digital maps and TMC locations, and events can be referenced to codes such as TMC or SAE.
Many types of data
PDA data can be used to:
  • Inform travelers.
  • Manage incidents.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • ...and more
Data from TIC can be used to improve DOT project and resource management by using more up-to-date and accurate data.
Platform, customization, and optomization
TIC runs on PDA's based on Windows Mobile.
TIC provides a highly configurable architecture to customze TIC for most requirements, such as the user interface language and one button alerts.
TIC can be implemented on PDA's to minimize the use of PDA resources and improve performance.
Flexible Pricing
TIC can be licensed using different pricing methods for different business and funding models.
Accepted Worldwide
TIC is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution proven in over 100 projects operating worldwide, and can be deployed faster, more affordably, and with less risk than build-your-own solutions. Why reinvent the wheel?
New Brochure & Leaflets Available
GEWI has released a new product brochure which describe the TIC3 architecture.
New leaflets are also available to show how TIC3 may be used for:
DOT Traveler Information Services, Work Zone & Road Conditions, Traffic Flows & Prediction, Traffic Plans & Simulation, Traffic Data Capture on PDA's, RDS-TMC and TPEG Broadcast Services, Radio & TV Traffic Reports and Radio Program Associated Data (RDS, DAB).
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
GEWI Newsletter
May/June 2009
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TIC3 - On Display at ITS America
TIC for Traffic Capture on PDA's
New Brochure & Leaflets Available
GEWI = Flexibility
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TIC Brochure
Traffic Flows & Predictions
Traffic Plans & Simulation
Traffic Data Capture on PDAs
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GEWI = Flexibility
One Size Doesn't Fit All
One thing we've learned in deploying projects around the world, it's important to be flexible. That's why flexibility is designed into every area of the GEWI process.
Flexible Configuration
TIC3 offers powerful configuration options to allow this single software platform to perform various tasks, including:
-DOT Traveler Services
-Radio & TV Traffic
-Program Associated Data (RDS, DAB)
-Data Capture via PDA
-Traffic Flow & Prediction
-Traffic Plans & Simulation
-Work Zones & Conditions
-RDS/TMC Broadcast
-511 Services
Flexible Licensing
Licensing is based on usage rights for features and data types which provides for maximum flexibility in meeting budgetary requirements.
Flexible Architecture
TIC3 is designed to be extremely flexible and scalable to provide many options for client or web deployment as well as for redundancy and failover services.
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