2010 marks GEWI's 18th year in business and we're excited about the continued expansion of our business worldwide, and in North America. GEWI has established offices in the Houston, Texas area and will be providing software development, product support and project management services from this location.
As you may know, ITS America will be visiting our new home town of Houston in May 2010, and we hope you'll make plans now to visit us to see all of the latest exciting developments with TIC3.
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GEWI Establishes North American Office
GEWI NA Office
If you use a navigation device in the US, chances are good that your traffic data is already being processed by GEWI's TIC software.
GEWI has had a product presence in the United States since 2004, and now has been incorporated as a US company. GEWI is a global company with strong regional representation consisting of the following corporations: GEWI Europe, located in Germany and the United Kingdom, GEWI Asia Pacific located in Singapore and GEWI North America near Houston, Texas.
GEWI works with strong partners worldwide who use TIC to build solutions for their customers.
Besides being used to deliver information to vehicles and navigation devices, TIC has also been used in the US to power a DOT 511 project and by major automobile manufacturers for navigation testing.
"GEWI has recently signed another major agreement in the US and later this year will have more than a dozen new installations of TIC3 across America" commented GEWI's CEO Hagen Geppert.
For more information about TIC products and GEWI North America, contact
TIC3 Coming to ITS America...and near you!
ITS America is coming to Houston in May and you can see TIC firsthand in GEWI booth #333.
But, if you're not able to make it to Houston, there's a chance that TIC may be making an appearance near you!
Later this year, TIC will be installed in more than a dozen traffic operations centers for the purpose of creating, collecting and distributing traffic information. If you'd like to schedule a firsthand demonstration, contact
Swiss Traffic Center to Install TIC3
Viasuisse, Switzerland's national traffic information center, announced that it has expanded its relationship with GEWI and will be upgrading to TIC3, the latest version of the popular traffic data processing platform.
Viasuisse collects and disseminates traffic 24/7 in three languages for all of Switzerland using the TIC software product. This information is provided to radio stations (public and private) as well as interactive voice response systems (IVR), internet platforms, websites, on public info screens, in printed media and to navigation systems using RDS-TMC.
PRODUCT FEATURE: Multiple Language Support
TIC's European heritage was the genesis for the ability to support multiple languages. Multiple language support was a feature demanded by clients from the earliest days of the development of the TIC product.
The European Road Information Center, (ERIC) has been using TIC to collect and exchange traffic data between 22 countries in 7 different languages for the past 9 years.
TIC supports multiple languages for both the user interface, and for message text output. The User Interface supports English, (both United States and European) Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch (Netherlands) German and Italian. Message text is supported in 14 languages.
And, the TIC architecture also allows for easy expansion to additional languages.
For more information on TIC's multiple language capabilities and other TIC features, contact
Download TIC Brochure & Leaflets
TIC Brochure
GEWI has released a new product brochure which describe the TIC3 architecture.
New leaflets are also available to show how TIC3 may be used for:
DOT Traveler Information Services, Work Zone & Road Conditions, Traffic Flows & Prediction, Traffic Plans & Simulation, Traffic Data Capture on PDA's, RDS-TMC and TPEG Broadcast Services, Radio & TV Traffic Reports and Radio Program Associated Data (RDS, DAB).
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
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Jan/Feb 2010
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GEWI Profile
Jim O'Neill
Jim O'Neill
Managing Director,
GEWI North America
You may remember the classic TV commercial for a razor blade where the founder says "I liked it so much, I bought the company".
The situation for Jim O'Neill and GEWI is very similar. In 2004 as VP/GM for SmartRoute Systems, he conducted a global search for a world-class solution for collecting, creating, managing and distributing traffic data. This search lead him to Germany, GEWI, and the TIC product.
He was so impressed with the TIC software that in 2008 Jim joined GEWI to help expand the company presence in North America.
In 19 years with the Metro Networks group of companies, Jim acquired extensive experience in traffic operations, traffic data systems, product development, web-based traffic, IVR and 511 systems.
As head of GEWI North America, Jim will work to ensure the TIC product reflects the needs of the market and expand GEWI's base of partners and clients in the US, Canada and Mexico.
To discuss your project requirements, contact him at
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