Road safety is a global issue, and GEWI is involved in a very interesting project designed to improve the safety of workers and warning vehicles. The project is called DIANA2, described in more detail in this month's newsletter.
The last quarter of 2010 has been filled with travel including our first ever North American Traffic Technologies Tour in the US and Canada. GEWI also exhibited in Busan, Korea at ITS World Congress, and at ITS Texas in Fort Worth, and will be attending Transpo2010 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. GEWI developers Alexander Fust and Sven Wiesenmuller also hit the road to Bonn, Germany to attend the Microsoft Advanced Developers Conference.
In this edition we also profile Stefan Mohr, who has been with GEWI for 13 years and is our resident RDS-TMC expert. We'll also provide more info on a new browser based method of using the TIC Smart Client, known as TIC Smart Client Remote.
One of TIC's benefits is the flexibility to be used for a variety of transportation related tasks. The German Police use TIC for creating traffic incident information and recently TIC was also used in Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix race, both of those use cases are detailed in this edition.
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Traffic Technologies Tour - North America
GEWI main
GEWI would like to thank everyone involved in hosting and attending our first ever North American Traffic Technologies Tour.
Topics included technologies that are used around the world for location referencing and harmonization, data exchange between systems, next generation of real-time data for traffic navigation, and data exchange for connected vehicles/infrastructure projects.
We had many requests from locations and attendees we were unable to fit into our schedule, so please look for a follow-up webinar to be held in January 2011. If you'd like to receive notification of this event, register for the GEWI newsletter at
TIC Smart Client Remote
TIC intersectionsOther web based solutions for entering traffic data often have significant limitations in performance or very basic features, resulting in limited usability of the resulting data or a poor operator experience.
With TIC Smart Client Remote, it's a whole new ballgame!
All of the features of the TIC Smart Client Local are available to the user in the Remote version
of the TIC Smart Client.
This means no additional training is required for users, and as new features and functionality are made available in TIC3, they are immediately available to both the TIC Smart Client Local and Remote applications simultaneously.
TIC Smart Client Remote is browser based, which makes it easy for users to enter real time traffic data anywhere a computer can display an internet browser. No special software is required for the user beyond Microsoft Internet Explorer. This solves the problem often encountered in environments where computers are "locked down" and installation of new programs requires many levels of approval.
If you'd like to schedule a fixed time for a demonstration of TIC, contact
TIC For Events - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Sports and other event organizers have many logistical challenges to deal with, including providing traffic and other information to the event attendees.
These challenges also faced the organizers of the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in November in Abu Dhabi at the most beautiful, innovative and luxurious motorsport circuit ever built. It is the only circuit in the world where a 500 bedroom, 5-star hotel actually straddles the track.
For the second year in a row, TIC provided the Grand Prix event organizers with a solution to not only collect, manage and distribute traffic information for the event, but also to easily manage many other data types.
TIC's flexible architecture allows for rapid addition of a variety of event-oriented data types like sponsorship data, parking, weather, restaurant locations, restrooms and much more.
Again this year in Abu Dhabi, TIC was an integral part of keeping spectators, teams, media or corporate guests and partners informed.
GEWI is pleased to have been a part of this Formula 1 race, the world's largest annual sporting event, televised in 188 countries with an annual cumulative audience of 2.73 billion viewers.
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TIC for Safety - DIANA2 Local Hazard Warning
Arrow TruckWork zone safety is a concern all over the world, and GEWI is working with BMW and VZH, the Traffic Control Center in Hessen (Germany) on a project to increase safety in mobile and stationary work zones.
The project is called DIANA2 which demonstrates the Local Hazard Warning (LHW)
capabilities of TPEG.
TPEG is the next generation of delivering real time data to vehicles, and LHW, as a special profile of TEC (traffic event compact) is just one of several applications which have already been approved to keep motorists informed of real time traffic, weather, parking and other conditions.
DIANA2 will use GEWI's TIC product to collect data from roadwork vehicles, similar to what is shown above. Data includes vehicle position, speed, which lane is blocked and the position of the arrow and condition of the lights on the construction vehicle.
This information is then transmitted directly to the vehicle well in advance of the vehicle entering the Local Hazard Warning area. Drivers will be given advance warning of the slow moving vehicle, lanes blocked, and the appropriate advice.
DIANA2 is more than a demonstration project. It will become an available service in Germany starting in 2012, and its effective deployment should result in dramatic increases in safety for both construction workers and motorists.
German Police Use TIC For Traffic
Twelve years ago TIC was first installed by one of the sixteen German State Police for the purpose of creating traffic event information to keep the public informed.
Over a period of six years, under independent purchasing authority, one German State Police agency after another purchased TIC. Today, TIC is used by all German State Police.
For more information on TIC for traffic, contact
GEWI Professional Development - Advanced Developers Conference
Advanced Developers Conference
GEWI places a high value on continuing education and professional development to ensure that both the TIC product and our clients benefit from the very latest available technologies.
GEWI developers Alexander Fust and Sven Wiesenmuller attended Microsoft's Advanced Developers Conference held in Bonn, Germany.
Everything learned at the conference is evaluated and applied where appropriate in both GEWI Product Development and Customer Support efforts to the benefit of TIC clients worldwide.
This conference is the premiere event for .NET developers and architects in this high-end environment. The program of two-day conference provided in-depth technical sessions, insider tips and best practices for advanced .NET developers. Sessions topics included: "From Requirements to Executable Software, Distributed software, Distributed computing, Test Driven Development, Efficient Project Communication with the TFS Project Portal" and many other sessions.
For more about GEWI's Product Development team, visit
Download TIC Brochure & Leaflets
TIC Brochure
The TIC3 product allows you to perform many transportation related tasks simply by configuration of this commercial off-the-shelf-software (COTS).
Use the "Quick Links" section of this newsletter to download a product brochure which describes the TIC3 architecture. You can also download leaflets which demonstrate how TIC3 may be used for:
- ATIS, DOT and 511 Services.
- Mobile Devices.
- Navigation and Connected Services
- Radio & TV Traffic Reports
- Work Zones & Road Conditions.
As a COTS solution, TIC can be deployed much more quickly and cost effectively than custom built solutions, yet still offer the most advanced features and functionality.
Selected leaflets are available for download in the Quick Links section of this newsletter. All are available for download at
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GEWI Profile
Stefan Mohr
Stefan Mohr
Project Manager
Stefan joined GEWI in 1997 as a software developer, and has advanced to the position of Project Manger over the past 13 years.
Stefan is a graduate engineer of "electro technical" University "Hochschule Merseburg" in 1997.
His extensive experience in RDS-TMC and TPEG broadcasting, navigation have been extremely valuable in managing several public sector projects.
Stefan has managed projects with governments in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.
As with all GEWI technical staff, Stefan is fluent in both English and German and is an avid diving enthusiast.
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