2020 marks the beginning of GEWI's 28th year in business and by all indicators will be extremely busy, especially in the areas of Work Zones and CAV. Read about a recent customer workshop on these topics held in Wolfsburg, Germany as well as GEWI's visit to Silicon Valley and CES.

This is also the time of year much of the world is dealing with adverse weather conditions. So, while weather is on our minds we'll focus on a few of the TIC Product Features related to weather information that improve the safety and navigation experience for drivers.

We also look ahead to the 2020 conference and exhibition season and invite you to meet GEWI at various conference around the world in the coming months.

GEWI also welcomes Robert Pejas to the Product Development team as he focuses on enhancements to the TIC Web Client.

If you are unable to meet GEWI at any of these upcoming events, an online demonstration and presentation may be scheduled by locating a contact in your region at www.gewi.com
Automatically Update Snow Clearance with TIC Software
As an off-the-shelf product, TIC can be configured to automatically collect, harmonize and distribute a wide range of data including vehicle location, and status of on-board devices and equipment.

With little or no custom programming, TIC can be used to track the location and status of snow plows to provide this information to broadcaster, apps, web sites, and navigation devices.

This functionality is very similar to a moving Work Zone project GEWI first demonstrated in Germany in 2018.
GEWI 2020 Conference Schedule
ITS World Congress GEWI booth
Conferences and industry meetings are an important part of GEWI's product development and customer engagement process. In 2020, you can meet GEWI at the following events:
  • Tech.AD 2020 - Berlin, Germany
  • MDM Conference - Berlin, Germany
  • ITS European Conference - Lisbon, Portugal
  • ITS Asia Pacific - Brisbane Australia
  • ITS Canada -Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • ITS World Congress - Los Angeles,California, USA

Other regional conferences and meetings may be added through the year, and online demonstrations of the TIC Software product can be arranged by contacting a GEWI representative in your area.
Automate Weather Warnings with TIC
TIC CONNECTS:  Traffic & Weather
GEWI has recently signed agreements with two customers in Germany to collect weather warnings and alerts from the meteorological service DWD (Deutchser Wetterdienst) using the Common Alert Protocol (CAP).

By using TIC to automatically collect weather alerts and warnings, the time to alert drivers of adverse conditions will be reduced, and navigation will be improved as the information will be delivered in a navigation compatible format.

Data quality will also be enhanced as weather conditions can be related to real-time traffic event data such as when strong winds may create a hazard for high profile vehicles.

Click here for a TIC Product brochure for further details about the TIC Product and features.
GEWI Joins ERTICO Technology Delegation
GEWI North America CEO Jim O’Neill joined delegates from the UK, Belgium, Denmark and Portugal to exchange information on the latest technology being developed, tested and implemented by public and private organizations.

The group started the trip in Silicon Valley meeting with a broad range of companies involved in mobility including Uber, Plug and Play Technology Center, Google X Waymo, Volvo, Lime and several Bay area public sector transportation organizations.

The delegation then moved on to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas for meetings with Siemens, Blackberry, Brighter AI, Qualcomm, BWM, Here Technologies, TomTom, Humanising Autonomy, Panasonic and Mitsubishi.

For more details on this event, click here
Robert Pejas Joins GEWI Product Development Team
Robert began working with GEWI in January 2020 as a freelance software developer. He joined the Product Development team and actively supports development of the new TIC Web Client.

With more than 15 years of experience in Microsoft .Net software development, Robert specializes in new Web Technologies and is very much interested in agile methods and architecture topics.

He graduated in 2005 as an IT specialist and has since worked for a number of software development companies. For more than 10 months, Robert has run his own business and is working as freelance software developer for a variety of customers.

When not focusing on TIC Web Client development work, he enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid cook.
GEWI Zone User Group Focuses on Automated Driving
In January 2020 GEWI hosted it’s seventh Work Zone user group since 2016. The group met in Wolfsburg, Germany which is the home to Volkswagen’s headquarters and the world’s largest automotive plant, and included representatives from several road agencies as well as representatives from Volkswagen.  The focus of this meeting was to analyze the impact of automated driving (AD) on Work Zones. 

Presentations included the history and levels of AD, industry trends, AD elements and a review of AD projects worldwide. There was also a presentation of the  European L3Pilot project which involves 1,000 drivers testing the viability of automated driving as a safe and efficient means of transport on public roads.

Click here for more details.
Flooding and High Level Water Alerts
The flexible architecture of the TIC Software product enables a wide range of data types can be collected to enable many types of manual or automated actions based on rules established by the public or private sector customer.

In the case of high water, TIC can collect the location, altitude, equipment, body of water, affected area, average water level, measured water level, level change, trend, and flood warning level.

Alerts and reports based on this collected data can then be fed to existing systems, apps, web sites, broadcasters, and navigation systems.

Delivering alerts to those in areas subject to flooding can provide many safety benefits and avoid loss of life and property by keeping the public informed.
GEWI Profile: Jim O'Neill
If you have attended ITS conferences around the world over the past 33 years, chances are good you've run into Jim O'Neill as a speaker, exhibitor or conference delegate.

His career in traffic information began in 1987 as Director of Operations with Metro Traffic Control (MTC) launching their newest operations center in Sacramento, California.

He was then promoted to VP of MTC's Western Region, and with the advent of the Internet added responsibilities for developing the first web traffic products for MTC as VP of Product Development.

Prior to joining GEWI his served as GM of the newly acquired SmartRoute Systems division for Westwood One/Metro Traffic Control.

Today as CEO of GEWI North America he is responsible for all business in NA and leads GEWI's global marketing team.

When he is not traveling you can find him near an ice rink as both a USA Hockey referee and founder of the non-profit organization  STARskaters.org  which teaches disabled young adults to ice skate and runs a parahockey (Sled Hockey) team in Houston, Texas.

He is also serving as the Vice-Chairman of the 2020 ITS World Congress organizing committee and looks forward to meeting you in Los Angeles 04-08 October.

If you'd like to schedule time to "talk traffic" with this self-professed traffic geek, contact jim.oneill@gewi.com.
Smart Work Zone Product Info
GEWI has released an updated Product brochure detailing the solution " TIC for Work Zones".

The brochure includes information on many of the new features that were implemented for Work Zones including:

  • Smart Work Zone real-time data collection.
  • Submit request for permits.
  • Issue Work Zone permits.
  • Connected vehicle compatibility.
  • Drone feature
  • ...and more

Click here to view the new brochure or visit www.gewi.com