GEWI had selected the topic of "Connected" for this newsletter well in advance of the Coronavirus which is now impacting us all, bringing the realization of how very much connected the world has become. During this challenging time, GEWI is fully operational with staff working from home locations to support our global customers.

TIC product features are also enabling our customers to keep the public informed by empowering operators to work remotely with full access to all the important speed, cameras and other data. Product features such as Disaster Warnings are able to inform the public as to travel (and other) restrictions.

GEWI looks forward to the return to normalcy when the word "Connected" once again brings to mind ITS Topics such as Smart Work Zones, Connected and Automated Vehicles, and Navigation.

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TIC Enables Public Disaster Warnings
The impact of the Coronavirus has created a global challenge to minimize the spread of the virus and keep the public informed of policies that often change on a daily basis.

In Germany, TIC software was used to disseminate travel restriction information, advising residents to stay at home.

TIC's is also compatible with the Common Alert Protocol (CAP) to be used for distribution of disaster warnings to broadcast, navigation, and other systems.

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GEWI to Demonstrate Connected Work Zone at ITS World Congress
GEWI provided the first demonstration of real-time information from Work Zones to navigation devices at ITS World Congress in 2011.

This fall at ITS World Congress 2020 in Los Angeles GEWI will demonstrate how far that technology has come, and how it may be applied as an off-the-shelf solution to existing vehicles and work zone infrastructure.

GEWI and iCone will be installing devices around the conference technology demonstration area which will allow conference delegates and drivers to monitor the demonstration area in real time.
GEWI Attends Tech.AD Autonomous Driving Conference in Berlin
Automated driving is creating challenges for every organization which deals with roads and automobiles, and this includes GEWI as well as the GEWI customers worldwide.

There has been a significant increase in requests from GEWI customers involving data which will be used by automated driving, particularly in providing real-time, highly accurate Work Zone data.

Because of the importance of this market, GEWI founder Hagen Geppert, attended the Automotive Tech.AD conference 01-03 March in Berlin, Germany.

Session topics at Automotive Tech.AD included sensor technology, system and platform architecture, and perception algorithms.

For GEWI, all of these new sources of real-time data are important and need to be managed by existing (or new) TIC Product features.

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Connected Work Zones Provide Benefits for Automated Driving
TIC Connects
With the accelerating pace of developments in Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), the role of Road Agencies, particularly the information and data they provide, and how data is collected, is changing rapidly.

It is no longer about communicating road traffic conditions and hazards to the driver, but more about a two way data exchange between road operator and vehicle on a Machine to Machine (M2M) basis. 

There is an increasing need for highly accurate Work Zone data, e.g. lane closures and restrictions, that could be used by vehicles to dynamically change their on-board operating parameters. Ultimately the objective is to improve safety, both of road users and work/maintenance crews. Connected Vehicles are also offering new ways of collecting more data, that is, using the vehicle as a sensor to gather real-world, real-time data about road conditions and changes, potentially enabling road operators to access an invaluable source of road condition information.

This is an exciting time for GEWI as we continue to develop the TIC Software Product to fulfill the important link between road agency and vehicle systems. Another example of how TIC CONNECTS Systems - Vehicles - Travelers.
TLBV Work Zone Warning System
TLBV, the transport authority for the German federal state of Thuringia recently implemented a Work Zone Warning system to increase safety through Work Zones.

The warning system delivers information about the location of a moving work truck, the location and advice of arrow boards and lane closure information directly into navigation devices as well as police, radio stations and other.

As an off-the-shelf solution, the project was deployed in less than 60 days from agreement to project acceptance.

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GEWI Profile: Eli Sherer
Eli Sherer
Eli Sherer has worked in traveler information since 1981, starting in Boston as a mobile broadcast traffic reporter for Metro Traffic Control. 
In 1991 he helped launch SmartRoute Systems which provided on-demand, route specific traffic information.
In 2001 he joined the consulting firm of PBS&J working with State DOT's on the design, implementation and operations for Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) across North America.
Eli joined GEWI North America in 2010 as Director of Customer Projects to provide project management, system implementation and customer support for GEWI customers in North America.
Away from GEWI Eli enjoys photography and videography, traveling with his family, playing guitar (and other instruments), and singing.
Eli lives with his wife, daughter and dog near the Connecticut shoreline where he can be reached at
Smart Work Zone Product Info
Organizations interested in an all-in-one Work Zone solution can learn more about the features and benefits of the GEWI solution by viewing the " TIC for Work Zones" brochure.

The brochure includes information on the many product features implemented for Work Zone planning, management and operation including:

  • Smart Work Zone real-time data collection.
  • Submit request for permits.
  • Issue Work Zone permits.
  • Connected vehicle compatibility.
  • Drone feature
  • ...and more

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