GEWI has been pioneering hardware and software solutions for both government and commercial clients since 1992.

GEWI’s TIC software product has continuously evolved as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product since the first version, TMC Office, was developed in 1997. TIC is used by automobile clubs, commercial service providers, car and navigation manufacturers, toll road operators, governments and radio stations.

As a COTS product, TIC helps organizations quickly and cost-effectively implement and use their own systems for a variety of scalable commercial or publicly funded models.

Now in its fourth generation, the new architecture of TIC3 provides flexibility to easily collect, store, and distribute virtually any type of data, and to exchange and harmonize data between a wide range of systems, even when using different location referencing methods, including TMC and OpenLR.

Today, TIC is used for an increasing number of types of projects including traffic and travel events, navigation testing, and real-time navigation services using RDS-TMC,TPEG, and internet connected services.

To discuss your project requirements, contact a GEWI representative in your region.


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