With the proliferation of data sources in both the public and private sectors, the collection, harmonization and exchange of this data is becoming an increasingly complex challenge.

GEWI has a long history of solving such data exchange problems, dating back nearly 20 years with a multi-national project in which GEWI collected, harmonized and exchanged data between systems in 22 countries using 7 different languages. Holger Kuske was one of the GEWI developers involved in this project and he is profiled in this issue.

If you missed GEWI at ITS World Congress in Singapore, there are several opportunities in the next weeks to meet with GEWI including the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Transportation Research Board (TRB) meetings in Washington, D.C.

If you are unable to meet GEWI at any of these upcoming events, an online demonstration and presentation may be scheduled by locating a contact in your region at www.gewi.com
GEWI Exhibits Automated Driving Demo at ITS World Congress in Singapore

The demo shows that AD relevant traffic event messages can be processed using ADASIS, an open standard being developed to integrate dynamic map data and in-vehicle ADAS.

The simulated data was processed and displayed by Elektrobit using their simulator software (Electronic Horizon Reconstructor) and showed additional scenarios for how dynamic traffic data can be applied in context with mixed AD & conventional vehicles situations, using a dynamic traffic simulation environment.
Flexible TIC Architecture For Data Exchange
Data harmonization and exchange between disparate systems is a topic of global concern, and one that GEWI first addressed more than two decades ago by creating the flexible architecture of the TIC Software Product.

This flexibility is achieved by creating a library of standard components used to collect and distribute data in hundreds of standard and custom formats.

If a component is required to exchange data between systems for which no current component is available, this can be achieved in weeks, rather than the months required for bespoke systems. And, at very reasonable development cost.

Currently TIC is used in 31 countries worldwide for projects on local, regional, national and international scale.

Click here to download a brochure with the latest TIC Product information.
GEWI at TRB in Washington, D.C.
GEWI North America's Director of Customer Projects Eli Sherer will be attending TRB in Washington, D.C. this January to attend sessions related to Smart Work Zones and Connected and Automated Vehicles, both areas in which GEWI is seeing strong global interest.

If you will be attending TRB and would like to schedule a time to meet with Eli for a TIC Software demonstration or to discuss project requirements, please contact eli.sherer@gewi.com
GEWI Joins ERTICO Technology Delegation
GEWI will join other ITS related organizations this January for a week of meetings organized by ERTICO in Silicon Valley and at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada to exchange ideas and ideas for solutions to industry challenges.

Over 20 meetings are on the agenda with leading technology companies, public agencies, and device and vehicle manufacturers.

If you will be attending CES and would like to schedule a meeting with GEWI, contact jim.oneill@gewi.com
GEWI Hosts TIC Admin Workshop
TIC 3 Ballgame Logo
GEWI hosted a Customer Workshop in Leipzig, Germany for Administrators of TIC Software.

These workshops are an excellent tool for GEWI to capture requirements, present upcoming new features, and discuss new administrative configurations for various TIC Solutions.

For more information visit www.gewi.com or a contact in your region.
GEWI Business Workshop Focuses on Automated Vehicles and UX
Every year, GEWI staff from around the world gather for a workshop to review results of the previous year and plan for the coming year.

The 2019 GEWI Business Workshop (GBW) was held in the historic city of Dresden, Germany and focused on two main topics; Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), and the User Experience (UX).

The annual GBW is always a lively free exchange of ideas which results in new product features, process improvements or new market solutions for the TIC Software product.
GEWI Profile: Holger Kuske
Holger joined GEWI as the company's first employee in 1993 and is an excellent example of GEWI's resource stability. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in CPU technologies. Like all of GEWI's technical and support staff, Holger is fluent in both English and German.

In 2001, Holger was instrumental in developing a multi-national system which exchanged and harmonized data between more than 20 countries in 7 different languages.

Holger was also key in establishing the complete traffic management system for the German State Police as well as many RDS-TMC services over his 26 years of outstanding service with GEWI. 
Smart Work Zone Product Info
GEWI has released an updated Product brochure detailing the solution " TIC for Work Zones".

The brochure includes information on many of the new features that were implemented for Work Zones including:

  • Smart Work Zone real-time data collection.
  • Submit request for permits.
  • Issue Work Zone permits.
  • Connected vehicle compatibility.
  • Drone feature
  • ...and more

Click here to view the new brochure or visit www.gewi.com