Intuitive and fast data entry

TIC operators are provided with a consistent and intuitive user interface to quickly create, update, check, and improve information, regardless of the data type, helping to shorten the time to learn and to reduce data entry errors.

TIC operators can easily understand data by viewing information in one or more window types such as lists and charts, and geographically using intuitive maps with selectable layers.

Work productively with proven solution

TIC is a proven solution used by hundreds of operators worldwide for rapid data entry while supporting information accuracy and quality.

TIC can save operator time and workload by using predefined templates, auto-complete data entry, and reminders of next steps, tasks, and activities, and by reusing data to eliminate the need for data re-entry.

Custom pre-defined steps and activities can be specified to help guide operators in their work, ensuring consistent use of agency processes.

Reach navigation systems

TIC creates accurate and precise data which is fully compatible with popular navigation systems by supporting international standards.

Standards include event and location coding such as TMC and openLR dynamic location referencing, and distribution by RDS-TMC (FM), connected TPEG binary (HTTP), and broadcast TPEG binary (DAB).

TIC uses precise digital map data which, can be updated multiple times each year to match real world, on the ground changes

Advanced product features

TIC’s product features have been continuously enhanced since 1997 to enable TIC to be used for many solutions.

Each product feature can be used to collect, store, automatically create, distribute, manually create, view and monitor data.

Product features include Work Zone, Project, Camera, Waze data, Parking, Road Sensor, Weather, and many more. Click here for a complete list.