In 2011, GEWI and BMW provided a conceptual demonstration of Smart Work Zones at ITS World Congress in Orlando, Florida. In 2018, GEWI was involved in the first deployment for productive use. Today, it is available as an affordable off-the-shelf technology and will be demonstrated at ITS America in Washington, D.C. 04-07 June. Concurrent with ITS America, GEWI will be exhibiting this same solution to conference attendees at ITS Europe in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

In the USA, the USDOT Work Zone Data Initiative (WZDI) has established a data format to enable the exchange of Work Zone data in a standard protocol. In this issue, GEWI announces Work Zone Data as a Service (WZDaaS) to enable agencies to be compliant with this standard without the need to make any changes to their systems.

Many of the features that are now available in the TIC Software product originated as customer requests and in user groups similar to the recent combined user group workshop held by GEWI for police, municipalities, road agencies and broadcasters.

Two German broadcasters recently upgraded to the TIC3 to take advantage of the advanced mapping and traffic flow capabilities, and also in this issue we profile Use Stump who is responsible for the TIC Newsreader feature, among others, also a major tool for GEWI's broadcast customers.

If you are unable to meet GEWI at any of these events, an online demonstration and presentation may be scheduled by locating a contact in your region at
GEWI to Demonstrate Off-the-shelf Smart Work Zone Solution at ITS America
GEWI has been at the forefront of Smart Work Zones, from the first conceptual demonstration at ITS World Congress in 2011, to the first European implementation in 2018, and now in the United States.

GEWI and iCone will demonstrate the safety benefits of real-time data from Work Zones. And, at the GEWI booth #216, the TIC Software will be available to see how the system can be used for the entire Work Zone life cycle from planning through operations and analytics.

For more information on the ITS America demonstration, click here.

For the new GEWI Work Zone brochure, click here or pick up a copy at booth #216 at ITS America in Washington, D.C.
GEWI at ITS European Congress
The theme of the 2019 ITS European Congress is "Fulfilling ITS Promises", which is quite appropriate given the solutions GEWI will be demonstrating at stand 0.17 in the exhibit hall.

GEWI's Smart Work Zone solution which was first deployed in 2018 provides many safety benefits as well as benefits for the emerging CAV market.

Danny Woolard and Ronny Dittrich will be representing GEWI during the event from 03-06 June in Endhoven, the Netherlands.

To schedule a personal demonstration of the latest solutions provided by GEWI's TIC Software, contact
GEWI Announces WZDaaS for USDOT Work Zone Data Initiative
The USDOT Work Zone Data Initiative (WZDI) has established a data format to enable the exchange of Work Zone data in a standard protocol and provide many benefits for Work Zone safety and planning, avoiding conflicts with other agencies and jurisdictions.

To make the adoption of this format easy, GEWI has announced a new hosted Work Zone Data as a Service (WZDaaS) solution which allows agencies to use their existing systems, and be compliant with the new standard.  

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GEWI Hosts User Experience (UX) Workshop
User Groups have been an important element in GEWI’s Product Development process for the TIC Software product.  Since the first version was released in 1997, TIC has evolved to be used by many different types of organizations.  Until now, user groups had been held according to customer type, but for this most recent workshop GEWI invited 33 customers from 27 organizations representing four different customer types.  

Users from police, radio stations, municipalities and road agencies all gathered at the Resort Schwielosee in Germany for two very productive days.

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German Broadcasters Upgrade to TIC3
GEWI's TIC Software has evolved since being introduced in 1997 to provide solutions for a wide range of public and private organizations. In addition to Road Agencies, Service Providers, Police, Auto and Device manufacturers, Broadcasters also benefit from this robust and flexible software product.

German Radio stations Radio RPR and Radio SAW recently upgraded from TIC2 to TIC3 which provides many more map based features. Both stations use TIC to collect data from public sources, to create on-air news reports, distribute to their website, and validate content using Traffic Flow.

Radio RPR also uses TIC to create a TMC Broadcast for Navigation.

Click here for more information on how TIC is used for Radio News Production.
TIC Product Feature - Traffic Flow
Traffic Flow
Traffic flow data is a valuable tool for Operators to confirm traffic events and monitor the road network to ensure the traffic data they create accurately represents real-world conditions.

TIC's Traffic Flow feature enables operators to be extremely efficient by automatically creating events based on pre-defined rules. Flow data is also shown in the Relation Window to enable the Operator to quickly confirm and distribute timely, accurate traffic reports.

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GEWI Video - TIC Product Feature - Waze
TIC's Waze Data feature allows agencies to automatically create response / repair projects using Waze data, as well as use the event data to identify accident or event issues on the roadway, and to aid in verifying road conditions.

Click here to view how the TIC Software enables Waze data users to take full advantage in this popular data source, with an affordable off-the-shelf solution.

For more information visit
GEWI Profile: Uwe Stump
Uwe joined GEWI 18 years ago and is today responsible for GEWI database solutions, web applications (Internet and Intranet), TIC Newsreader client, and the nightly build of GEWI's TIC product.

His interest in computer sciences started deep in the ground. He originally studied Geophysics at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology.

After graduation, he became involved in research and development and interpretation of geophysical well logs, and this is where he wrote his first programs in Visual Basic. He then ventured into mass data and databases, data format conversions, complex calculations and statistics.

His programming skills include TSQL, JavaScript, VBScript, Web Development (C#, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML), XSLT and Installer frameworks.

Uwe is also responsible for the GEWI website and TIC Web Newsreader which provides broadcasters a tool to read traffic news stories on-air.

Away from GEWI Uwe enjoys reading, swimming, soccer, hiking, bicycling, football, mineral and stone collection and is an enthusiastic badminton player.

So the next time you view the GEWI website or hear a traffic report on the radio, keep Uwe Stump in mind as an important part of the GEWI development team which helps keep travelers informed worldwide.
Updated Smart Work Zone Product Info
GEWI has released a new TIC Product brochure detailing the solution " TIC for Work Zones".

The brochure includes information on many of the new features that were implemented for the Work Zoneincluding:

  • Smart Work Zone real-time data collection.
  • Submit request for permits.
  • Issue Work Zone permits.
  • Connected vehicle compatibility.
  • Drone feature
  • ...and more

Click here to view the new brochure or visit