About GEWI
Hagen Geppert and Karl Will founded the company in 1992, creating the name GEWI from the first two letters of their family names. GEWI began as a respected specialist designer and prototype developer for global television manufacturers. Customers included Sony and Grundig.

In 1997, GEWI produced one of the world’s first RDS-TMC FM receivers for collecting traffic data and then displaying the digitized information on televisions located in airports. However, there was a lack of quality traffic data available. GEWI used the opportunity within the project to develop the first generation of its TIC product to collect, view, create, store, and distribute traffic information.

TIC originally was the short name for “Traffic Info Centre”, but over the years the software product has evolved to be used as a solution for more than processing traffic data. Today, TIC has a wide range of product features which allow the software to be used for traffic and traveler information services, road incident management, work zone management, and more.

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