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The Safety Issue

GEWI’s TIC Software is now used in 31 countries and there is one issue which is a concern to customers worldwide – Safety.

Over the past 22 years the TIC Software product has evolved to include many features related to safety. Learn more about those features in this issue as well as the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) data format which can be used with TIC’s Disaster Warning product feature also detailed below.

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The Data Exchange Issue

GEWI has been solving the complex problem of data exchange between disparate systems for nearly 20 years and this final newsletter of 2018 includes information on GEWI’s solution for data exchange. Meet Rainer Klockmann, GEWI Director of Product Development who is responsible for many of the Product Features related to data exchange.

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The Traffic Flow Issue

GEWI is in the middle of a busy ITS conference season, just returning from ITS World Congress in Copenhagen and will exhibit at ITS5C in Jacksonville and present on Smart Work Zones at the National/Rural ITS conference in Arizona.

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ITS World Congress Issue

Smart Work Zones have become a topic of great interest following GEWI’s demonstration project at ITS America in Detroit and a project deployed in Germany this past spring.

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The ITS America / ITS Canada Issue

Conference season is officially underway with GEWI exhibiting at ITS America 4-7 June in Detroit followed by ITS Canada in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
At ITS America, GEWI, HERE Technologies and iCone combined products to demonstrate an In-Vehicle Smart Work Zone Alert intended to increase safety in Work Zones.

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The Customer Issue

Customer feedback has been driving the GEWI product development process since the company was founded in 1992. Feedback is so important to the evolution of the TIC Software product that it has been added as a product feature available to every TIC user.

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Smart Work Zone Issue

Every day our world is becoming more connected. From our vehicles to our homes we experience the convenience and benefits of living in an increasingly connected world.

Connected work zones, or “Smart” work zone technology has been evolving over the past 10 years and GEWI has been involved from the beginning.

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The Smart City Issue

At the GEWI exhibit at the recent ITS World Congress in Montreal, Canada the two most popular topics were Smart Cities and Smart Work Zones. This provided an opportunity for many productive meetings and discussions as GEWI’s TIC3 Software now includes many product features which enable solutions which can be used for Smart Cities projects.

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The ITS World Congress, Anniversary, and Hurricane Issue

GEWI was founded in a small office in Stassfurt, Germany in September of 1992. In this issue we’ll remember that first office and celebrate GEWI’s expansion worldwide and 25th anniversary company workshop held in the Moroccan desert.

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The Public Transport Events Issue

For 25 years, GEWI has been a leader in shaping the protocols and solutions now used worldwide in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). In fact, ITS is a term that didn’t even exist when GEWI was founded in 1992.

Today, there is a lot of talk about Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and GEWI continues the evolution of the TIC software to enable this vision, as well as many other transportation solutions. Read more about TIC for Public Transit Events in this newsletter along with the new Waze feature to report on broken traffic lights and how GEWI can create repair/response projects along with traffic information using TIC for Road Incident Management.

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