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The Weather Issue

2020 marks the beginning of GEWI’s 28th year in business and by all indicators will be extremely busy, especially in the areas of Work Zones and CAV. Read about a recent customer workshop on these topics held in Wolfsburg, Germany as well as GEWI’s visit to Silicon Valley and CES.

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GEWI Work Zone User Group Focuses on Automated Driving

In January 2020 GEWI hosted it’s seventh Work Zone user group since 2016. The group met in Wolfsburg, Germany which is the home to Volkswagen’s headquarters and the world’s largest automotive plant, and included representatives from several road agencies as well as Volkswagen. The focus of this meeting was to analyze the impact of automated driving (AD) on Work Zones.​

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GEWI Joins European Delegation to Silicon Valley and CES

GEWI North America CEO Jim O’Neill joined an ERTICO delegation with participants from the UK, Belgium, Denmark and Portugal to exchange information on the latest technology being developed, tested and implemented by public and private organizations in Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), Smart Work Zones, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Smart Cities.

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The Data Exchange Issue

With the proliferation of data sources in both the public and private sectors, the collection, harmonization and exchange of this data is becoming an increasingly complex challenge.

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GEWI and Elektrobit to Conduct Automated Driving Demo at ITS World Congress

GEWI and Elektrobit will be demonstrating this ‘first’ interfacing of real-time traffic data created by GEWI’s TIC for Work Zone, at ITS World Congress.

The demo shows that AD relevant traffic event messages can be processed using ADASIS, an open standard being developed to integrate dynamic map data and in-vehicle ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).​

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The Automated Driving Issue

TIC Connects Automated Driving (AD) is a topic of high interest at conferences worldwide due to the potential benefits AD provides in mobility and safety. But, to realize these benefits, many technical challenges remain. One major challenge is the safe operation of AD vehicles through Work Zones. GEWI has been involved in Smart Work Zone […]

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The Customer Issue

Since being founded in 1992, GEWI has paid very close attention to feedback provided by our Customers. Read about two long-time Customers who have recently extended an agreement and updated to TIC3 Software to take advantage of the many new Product Features introduced since TIC2.

Most of the current TIC Product Features can be traced back to a Customer request, market research, or an opportunity identified at one of the many conferences GEWI attends annually.

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Meet GEWI at TAC-ITS Canada Combined Conference

The latest TIC Software features will be on display in Halifax, Canada 22-25 September at ITS Canada/TAC-ITS combined conference, the largest conference of its kind in Canada.​

GEWI’s Jim O’Neill will be presenting on how Smart Work Zones increase safety and reduce traffic impact. The presentation is based on a very successful Smart Work Zone deployment in Germany​.

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Automobile Club of Luxembourg (ACL) Upgrades to TIC3

The Automobile Club of Luxembourg (ACL) has been a GEWI customer since 2005, using the TIC Software to manage traffic information for their automobile club. TIC enables ACL to enter traffic incidents and road work for distribution to several Radio Stations in Luxemburg as well as other vendors, their website and RSS feeds.

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Gewi and iCone highlight workzone safety

Until recently, most information provided to the public about work zones included only planned activities. But today, as Gewi and iCone will demonstrate, with the advent of devices to measure precise location, speed, lane closure advice and workers present, more real-time information is available for navigation devices, VMS signs, broadcasters, apps and other systems. By providing drivers in-vehicle notifications in advance of entering a workzone, safety for motorists and workers is increased.

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