TIC for Safety – Local Hazard Warning

Work zone safety is a concern all over the world, and GEWI is working with BMW and VZH, the Traffic Control Center in Hessen (Germany) on a project to increase safety in mobile and stationary work zones.

The project is called DIANA2 which demonstrates the Local Hazard Warning (LHW)
capabilities of TPEG.

TPEG is the next generation of delivering real time data to vehicles, and LHW, as a special profile of TEC (traffic event compact) is just one of several applications which have already been approved to keep motorists informed of real time traffic, weather, parking and other conditions.

DIANA2 will use GEWI’s TIC product to collect data from roadwork vehicles, similar to what is shown above. Data includes vehicle position, speed, which lane is blocked and the position of the arrow and condition of the lights on the construction vehicle.

This information is then transmitted directly to the vehicle well in advance of the vehicle entering the Local Hazard Warning area. Drivers will be given advance warning of the slow moving vehicle, lanes blocked, and the appropriate advice.

DIANA2 is more than a demonstration project. It will become an available service in Germany starting in 2012, and its effective deployment should result in dramatic increases in safety for both construction workers and motorists.
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