TIC for Traffic News Reporting

Producing traffic news reports to be read by people has a completely different set of requirements than for traffic that needs to be “read” by systems such as ATIS or Navigation devices.

TIC, however, was designed to do both right from the beginning, not as an add-on.

Since 1999, TIC has been used to create traffic news for broadcasters, and the latest features built into TIC for this market are very exciting.

TIC for Traffic News Reporting can be used to create traffic news for multiple radio stations or broadcasters within a single TIC system.

Traffic news data can be collected from external sources, or manually created using the TIC Smart Client.

Operators can create multiple stories or variations about news events. Then, several attributes can be assigned including: urgency, top story priority, and ability to hide stories. Each news story can also be shared in different variations, depending on the radio program requirements, including distribution in different languages.

From these stories, a News Report is created which can be filtered based on story ranking, duration of report and system configuration.

These News Reports are then published and can be read by announcers from the screen. The published news report can also be distributed in whatever format is required, including TIC3 XML, TIC3 Text, RSS, Twitter and more.

Traffic News Reporting is just one of many markets for which TIC can be used and can reduce the number of systems which need to be operated.
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