TIC Alternative Route Feature Assists in Work Zones and Incident Response

DiversionRoute GEWI’s TIC Software includes a dynamic ÔÇťAlternative Navigation Route” feature which automatically displays routes that will be suggested to a driver using a navigation device. This feature provides operators at Traffic Management Centers with a powerful tool when planning work zones, or preparing to respond to an incident.

Because TIC Software uses the same maps that appear in vehicles and navigation applications, the operator will be presented with the same options that will be suggested to the driver. By reviewing these suggested alternate routes, the agency can identify if there may already be an event, such as a construction project, on one of the alternate routes and modify the plan or route accordingly.

With just one click, the agency can select the preferred alternate route, or the operator can edit the alternate route, (or create their own) which can then be distributed to navigation devices.

By knowing in advance the routes that drivers will be given by their devices, the agencies can take any appropriate additional steps required, such as utilizing VMS messages or signage to ensure that drivers avoid problematic routes and follow the agencies selected preferred route.

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