GEWI aids software integration

GEWI (Stand C11) is introducing its new TIC software features created specifically for departments of transport (DoTs).

The software is continually improved with updates to meet the frequently changing requirements of its customers. GEWI claims the new features will allow customers to easily integrate advanced traffic and travel information systems: condition and incident capture and reporting, auto mated distribution (including US 511), and traffic management (including TIM).

DoT’s will now be able to plan the impact of construction and then automatically manage traffic with VMS/DMS sign settings. The new features will enable the creation of more complete and richer aggregated data sets.

Live, forecast, and historical conditions can be computed using data from traffic flows, incidents, construction, planned events, transport infrastructure equipment, and weather.

Multi-modal traffic networks for road, rail, and water can be integrated with a choice of digital maps. Predefined routes and schedules can be monitored for abnormal conditions and used to create alerts for transport operators.

Published in ITS International
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