GEWI to Attend eCall Event in Berlin, Germany

GEWI will join political representatives of the European Commission, project partners and stakeholders for the largest conference on the eCall initiative 23-24 September in Berlin, Germany.

eCall is a European initiative to provide rapid assistance to motorists who are involved in a collision anywhere in the European Union. In the event of a crash, an eCall-equipped car automatically calls the nearest emergency center based on the location of the incident. Even if a passenger is unable to speak, a minimum set of data will be sent to allow emergency responders to locate the incident.

GEWI’s TIC Software for processing traffic data could interface with eCall in a number of ways including receiving eCalls and managing the incident response using GEWI’s Road Incident Management feature. When an eCall is received, the TIC Software could automatically create an incident project and automatically assign, based on configurable rules, the incident to a responsible team. Also TIC can help to manage each step until all problems caused by the crash are resolved, such as tow vehicles, order emergency services, etc.

Matthias Defee, Director of GEWI Customer Projects will be attending the eCall conference to both demonstrate how eCall can be used with the TIC Software and participate in sessions which focus on possible effects of the eCall implementation on further applications, third-party-services and additional ITS-applications made possible with eCall.

Attending conferences such the eCall event provide important input to GEWI’s product development process. To learn more about the TIC Software product, visit
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