GEWI to Power In-Vehicle Smart Work Zone Warning Demo at ITS America

ITS America 2018 Detroit LogoSafety in Work Zones is a significant problem worldwide. The main cause for Work Zone crashes is drivers being unaware of the approaching hazard. An off-the-shelf solution is now available and will be demonstrated by GEWI, HERE, and iCone at the upcoming ITS America conference 4-7 June, in Detroit Michigan.

The ITS America demonstration is similar to a German Smart Work Zone project powered by GEWI which was launched in March of 2018.

GEWI’s TIC Software will be used to receive live iCone Work Zone ITS device data which is then published through the HERE’s production system. This concept was first demonstrated by GEWI at ITS World Congress in Orlando in 2011. This deployment at ITS America 2018 no longer involves prototypes, but actual production off-the-shelf systems that supply traffic data to any of HERE’s products and customers.

Visitors to ITS America in Detroit will be able to take a demonstration drive and learn about the individual components that make this Smart Work Zone to Navigation demonstration possible. Visitors to the GEWI and HERE booths will be able to view the technology at many stages from the GEWI TIC Software, to the portable navigation devices (PND).

HERE expects to be rolling out construction work zone and lane closure incidents using live iCone ITS work zone data in 2018, leveraging GEWI TIC Software features for incident gathering in HERE’s traffic operations, greatly enhancing both coverage and accuracy for construction work zones and lane closures in products using HERE traffic data. Motorists, road agencies, work crews will benefit from safer, more efficient experiences by more complete, accurate knowledge of exactly when and where work zones and lane closures are in effect.

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