GEWI Summer Event 2016: Working in a Coal Mine

​GEWI believes that summer trips offer many benefits when getting the staff together, away from the offices, to relax, recharge, and foster a better working environment. Past trips have included boating, cycling, motorcycling, and many virtually every type of sporting event. So, after nearly 25 years where do you go to find something new? Look to the past.

In August, GEWI’s staff went underground to an 18th century coal mine. A train, the “Rabenstein Express” full of GEWI developers and staff were taken deep underground into a coal mine to get a look at life much different than the day-to-day software development work done at GEWI.

The trip also included some “hands on” coal mining, a drive with a draisine, a 100m walk in complete darkness and in the end the miners were treated to an excellent meal and beverages deserving of such a hard working crew.

It is said that the company that plays together, stays together and it seems to be true. The tenure of the average GEWI staff is over 14 years. For more information on GEWI people and products, visit
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